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Welcome to Rainbow Street

Role-play centre for the imaginative child

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Rainbow Street is a child sized role play centre based on a local town, comprising of many of the amenities we encounter during day to day life. It is designed to inspire young minds in exploration and interaction with the world around them.

Here at Rainbow Street, imaginative play is what we do best, it is how children learn and is key to their social and emotional development. So, whether they are singing on stage in our theatre, cooking up a storm in our café or working on the construction site, they are not just having fun, they are also learning about the world in which we live.

As parents of three, we felt there was a missing style of play centre for children. The play experience we have created provides a safe and relaxed environment where children are able to express their ideas and feelings. Their social skills are developed as they collaborate with others and by taking on the role of a character children gain an understanding of different perspectives. There is no gender specific job or any restrictions whatsoever, the world really is their oyster.

We offer three play sessions every day 92 on Sunday) enabling us to keep group numbers small. This allows all roleplay areas to be re-set , cleaned and sanitised ensuring maximum fun and exploration for the next session.

Rainbow Street also boasts our own ‘real life’ café where adults and little ones can enjoy a selection of hot and cold drinks, meals, snacks and beautiful cakes!